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Please understand, this is not a book of theological or deep philosophical extraction of the meaning of life, or a higher debate on its intentions. I have endeavored to distill it down to a one-on-one equation. That is to say, you and your opponent. There are many ways in which to interpret Sun Tzu {R.I.P. c. 496 BC (traditional)}, this is mine.


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Samerson's Wall We met in an old part of China Town on a street called Antique Row. Doris Knight my girlfriend took me to a place called Mister Ming’s Antique Emporium and Curios Shop. She pointed at an object from outside the window and said it was my happy eighteenth birthday present. I did not quite know what to make of it.


The Deadly Art of Iron Palm

The Deadly Art of Iron Palm is ultimately a (power slap) and derives much of its power from simultaneously combining two power generation techniques from the martial arts: torquing/rotation of the hips and the body drop.

Diamond Palm Training Methods I

Let me be perfectly clear right from the very start. This is “Diamond Palm”... Not ... “Iron Palm or Iron Hand!” It has no affiliation with any, one, Martial Art. It has been distilled from various methods practiced throughout the Old and New world of Martial Arts. It is neither East nor West. I have included my own time tested and proven techniques of discovery.

Diamond Palm Training Methods II Although traditionalists may not agree with me on the point of old and outdated training practise’s, and I have tried to make every effort not to offend them; but the very fact remains, we are not living in feudal times anymore, and we must bring practise’s up to twenty-first century standards. I do however, respect and revere the historical value placed on these ancient practise’s and have no objections to them being saved for that purpose; just not in this book.

Diamond Palm Training Methods III Let me begin by stating that in my humble opinion, the (Coconut On A String) break is by far the most difficult break a Diamond Palmist will ever encounter. Hence, it is the yardstick by which Mastery in the Art of Diamond Palm may be measured.

The Complete Guide To Diamond Palm Training Methods Designed for maximum effect using minimum force, THE DEADLY ART OF DIAMOND PALM methods are as simple as they get. Used in restricted circumstances, but not limited to systemic sustained combat situations, the techniques hold up under Real World engagement.

The Time Dilation Effect Diamond Palm Training Methods Just the very term, Time Dilation Effect, in itself conjures up the mystical and esoteric nature of the phrase. Alarm bells should be going off in your brain just about now, and you should be wondering what it all has to do with Martial Arts and Diamond Palm Training Methods in particular in the first place.

Pulsing Hand Short power is one thing. In fact, short power is a useful skill to have. But if someone claims that they can shoot energy into a brick and break it with a soft touch, they should be able to demonstrate this ability in a way that cannot be explained away by physics, leverage, or body mechanics.

Pressing Palm Here, I would like to touch on the many physical aspects of proper or correct body Movements as pertained to this particular endeavor of Board, Brick, or Cement breaking.

A Short History of Doamond Palm Training Methods It was around early 1978 as my failing and inaccurate memory serves, when I was first introduced to a hand conditioning then called Iron Palm. Numerous descriptions of the process were discussed and explained to me. At that time, it was only a discussion, not a prelude to actually practicing it.

A Mental Attitude Towards Breaking Performing an impossible task is an amazing way to increase your brain’s capacity for acceptance of feats beyond the norm.